Why Streamlyne?

Unique Features

Customization Framework

Our framework utilizes plugins to enable simplified customizations for institutions. While other SaaS solutions can’t handle complex customizations, our framework enables institutions to get the customizations they need without giving up the numerous benefits of the cloud.

UI Tuner

Hide fields, sections, tabs, and modules on the user interface so you can cut it down to just the features that you need to use, without the distraction of seeing ones that you don’t. The UI Tuner also has the ability to rename field labels, customize the color scheme, and add your own logo to match your institution.

Public & Private Cloud

Modern cloud technology helps to bring easy scalability and affordability to your institution. The public cloud offers a variety of benefits, but private cloud allows institutions to retain more control over their systems. Depending on your preference, we can provide our solution in the public or the private cloud.

No Vendor Lock-in

All of our customers have full access to their data, and in fact retain ownership of their data. At the conclusion of our business, you are free to take your data back and run our software in-house for yourselves. As a result, there is no vendor lock-in.

Why Streamlyne?

To work better, not more.